Business Process Analysis helps states reduce improper payment and improve customer service

There is a national effort to reduce fraud and improper payment across Unemployment Insurance. 
 The Department of Labor in multiple states needed to conduct a business process analysis of the Unemployment Insurance benefits program to reduce fraud and improve customer service.  

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Business Analysis helps agency define state and federal requirements for Health Insurance Exchange

A state’s health authority is developing a Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) that will create a modular, reusable solution. This project is called HIX-IT, and is funded by a grant from the Office for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (OCIIO).

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Web Enabling Legacy System modernizes MMIS system


A state’s health agency was modernizing their Medicaid MMIS system.  

The agency needed to modernize most of their MMIS systems which was over 20 years old. This included a conglomerate of systems and vendors who had to work together to deploy the system

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Business Process Analysis helps agency streamline MMIS operational process

Medicaid is a government program providing health care to low income individuals and families. Approximately 530,000 needy citizens received Medicaid coverage through the state’s Health Plan.

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Process Automation improves call center customer services reduces call wait times for claimants

During the last few years the Unemployment Insurance Department had been manually managing the workload of its call center agents with relative success in three separate call centers. 

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Web based system developed for delivering labor market services for a 22-member State Consortium

A 22-member State Consortium needed a web based delivery system that provided a single, one stop shop for job seekers, employers, research analysts and other customers looking for labor market information.

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Application Development to consolidate and replace tax systems


The Combined Payroll Tax Reporting system is managed primarily by the Employment Department and collects employment and payroll data from employers throughout the state for the state’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) program.

The system also collects data for the agency’s business partners, the Department of Revenue (DOR) and the Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS).

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Enterprise Architecture Strategy enables Agency define enterprise environment

A state’s health authority is developing a Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) that will create a modular, reusable solution.

As one of the first states to deploy the Exchange, the agency needed help in defining federal/state requirements, and the overall architecture which would serve as a national model for reusability and best practices.

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Process Analysis helps agency improve delivery of job services and define system replacement strategy

A large agency that administers Unemployment Insurance and Employment Services must make a strategic decision regarding near-term, significant investment in its job delivery system. The current legacy system is approximately 10 years old. The agency must decide whether to make an investment in enhancing and improving the current system or changing to a new system.

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