Radha reduces improper payment rate and improves customer service for major state agency. Read More >>      

Radha reduces improper payment rate and improves customer service for major state agency. Read More >>


Major agencies are utilizing business process improvement as a key indicator in efficient delivery of services and improving internal operational efficiency.

A systematic analysis of an organizations business processes will need to include a review of its core processes, people and technology. 

Process improvement has a short history in state government but is intended to be a positive, rather than punitive, cycle that relies on the expertise and engagement of employees who work with processes daily and know them best. By making processes more efficient, employees can be more effective and streamline their workload, resulting in improvements to the products and services delivered to the citizens.

Radha uses its own customized methodology (Lean Sigma for Government) which not only identifies specific processes to improve but also develops a method to sustain a culture of continuous business process improvement.   

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Business Process Analysis

Radha's Process Analysis methodology starts by developing an inventory of the organizations core processes, identification and documentation of metrics for each process, utilizing benchmarks for process improvements, identification of specific processes for improvement and providing training and facilitation for implementation of the process changes

Organizational Review

Organizational Review

We review organizational culture including rules, procedures, protocols, mission and other principles that guide organizational behavior. This involves a review of the structure and functions and people arranged within specific areas and corresponding levels of responsibility and workload.  

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Process Automation

With a thorough understanding of the current process and bottlenecks, we design models for automating or consolidating these processes. 

These models preserve essential requirements of the existing business procedures while taking advantage of technology to eliminate manual and redundant processing. We examine with you team the advantage and disadvantage of each solution and its options, assessing the benefits of automating processes vs. maintaining status quo. 

Audience Analysis

In addition to improving internal process efficiencies, organizations must learn as much as they can about their customers and what they do, to communicate and meausure the value of their services.

Radha analyzes audience and user behavior through focus groups, customer satisfaction surveys, market research and web analytics. We consolidate this information to support organizations make effective business process changes which provides both internal and external customer benefits.  


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Technology Assessments

Recent budget cuts and shortfalls has created a "new normal" for information technology departments with the need to become more efficient and cost effective. Our solutions drive to make IT an essential business enabler for reducing agency costs and improving service delivery. We do this through review of existing business applications, existing staff training and knowledge base , acquisition of new technologies including cloud based solutions and utilization of shared services.  Our services include: 

  • Technology Review and Assessment
  • Application Review
  • IT Strategy
  • Shared Services Model
  • Cloud Based Services