Smartphone App enables claimants to file weekly unemployment claims while enabling agency to detect improper payment thru GPS integration. Read More >> 

Smartphone App enables claimants to file weekly unemployment claims while enabling agency to detect improper payment thru GPS integration. Read More >> 

Consumers continue to want more convenient services whenver and wherever they are and organizationals are under continued pressure to reduce costs and do more with less. 

By 2014, a majority of users will access the internet via a mobile device as opposed to a computer.  

This presents a unique challenge for organizations and specifically for government agencies.  How can you provide services to all your customers with increasingly limited resources?  What changes or improvements can your agency make which have the greatest impact in terms of customer need and number of customers reached?

As organizations look for answers to these questions, mobile technology provides an ideal solution.  By putting the services people want directly into their hands, organization can make customers happy, reduce costs, and even create a continous feedback loop from customers at the same time.

Radha helps organizations from defining a mobile strategy to developing visually stunning and user friendly apps for the Iphone (IOS) and the Android platforms.

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Mobile Strategy
Road Map Workshop
App Candidate Identification
Mobile Design and Development
Training and Workshops

Mobile Strategy

We work with organizations to define their overall mobile strategy including identification of key processes and services that are suitable candidates for apps or mobile services. We also identify the potential customer base, their needs and the type of apps they may use. Mobile Strategy ultimately needs to drive stronger customer engagement, interaction and self-service

We also help agencies  decide and understand the best strategic use of mobile platforms including differences between mobile Web apps, hybrid applications, and native apps. 

Key Services include: 

  • Mobile Strategy
  • Mobile App Candidate Identification
  • Mobile Use Case Definition and Prioritization
  • Rollout Strategy
  • App Store Registration
  • Marketing Strategy
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Mobile Design and Development

Radha designs and develops easy to use and feature-rich mobile applications for organizations and their customers based on a proven software development methodology.

We offer services in: 

  • Mobile Strategy and Roadmap Workshops
  • UI/UX Services
  • Prototyping
  • Database/API Integration
  • Consumer and Business (Native, Hybrid, and HTML5) Development

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Training and Workshops

We offer customized training and workshops for developers, managers and leaders. The impact of mobile on government agencies is fairly new. As of now, there are only 180 apps in state government and 80 in the federal space.   

There is the greatest room for growth and usage at the state level in the delivery of services. Our workshops and training can help you understand the landscape and prepare a strategy to support your customers thru this new medium.  

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