Web based system to helps job seekers find labor market information including salaries, occupational data and industry information. Read More >>

Web based system to helps job seekers find labor market information including salaries, occupational data and industry information. Read More >>

Often, the software that suits your specific business needs may not be available on the market

When packaged solutions aren’t flexible enough for your organization, Radha can custom-build to your specifications – with built in features for easy configuration and maintenance

Radha provides application development services to enhance existing applications or build new ones. We bring expertise across Java, Microsoft, and Open Source platforms and provide services from project management, design to deployment and training



Application Design and Development

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Radha designs and develops mission critical software that enables agencies to interact with their customers more effectively. Our services include: 

  • Project Management
  • Application Requirements and Design
  • Application Development
  • Third Party Product Integration
  • Testing and Deployment
  • User Training and Support


Enterprise Architecture.png

Enterprise Architecture

We help organizations define and develop a practical and pragmatic Enterprise Architecture by translating business vision and strategy into tangible principles and models that describe the enterprise's future state and enable its evolution . Our services include:   

  • Enterprise Architecture Review
  • Enterprise Wide IT Strategy and Review
  • Enterprise Architecture Framework Creation


Product Selection and Implementation

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Packaged application implementations in service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments are often based on consensus decisions. This does not always result in meeting the business need to the full extent. The consensus is often a balance between a build versus a buy scenario. On the one hand, the build scenario allows for a full functional match and business agility implemented by custom developed components. On the other hand, the buy scenario facilitates the use of standard and matured processes that are incorporated by off-the-shelve packaged applications.

Radha helps agencies in the evaluation and review of various packages, selecting the right package and providing implementation support in the deployment of the solution. Radha provides the leadership and technical expertise required to assist you during all phases of a package solution project. As project leaders, our consultants execute our project management methodology to ensure the successful completion of the project and deliver a proven performance 

Our services include:

  • Requirements Identification 
  • Identify packaged solutions
  • Package Evaluation
  • Request for Proposal
  • Vendor Selection
  • Integration and Installation of Package
  • Business Process Changes/User Training