Radha wins contract with Oregon State Police

Radha Corp, an national information technology firm, announced today that the Oregon State Police (OSP) has selected Radha to assist in the development of a business case and identify options to implement a statewide School Safety Tip-Line. 

school safety tip-line system

school safety tip-line system

The Oregon Task Force on School Safety (OTFSS) was established in 2014 with House Bill 4087. It was established as a 14 member-working group with representatives from the legislature, the governor's office, as well as the education and public safety communities to examine steps to improve safety and security at schools across the state. This legislation was inspired by the active shooter incident at Clackamah Town Center on December 11, 2012. The OTFSS reviewed several systems and programs to improve Oregon school safety and determined that a School Safety Tip-line would be a key system in deterring and de-escalating any student threat to themselves or to others.

The goal of the School Safety Tip-line system is to allow students, teachers and parents use voice, text, phone, photos and videos to confidentially transmit messages and information regarding potential harmful or criminal acts against students, school employees or school property. 


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